Your Nissan preventative maintenance schedule

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How to ensure to keep your Nissan vehicle on the road, longer 

To keep your vehicle running as long as possible, there are measures you can take to keep it healthy. Keep reading to learn about the vehicle milestones and what you should keep in mind.  

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30,000 miles and below 

The number one thing is to keep your engine healthy. Your air filter helps your engine breathe. Change this one you have hit 30,000 miles. Other component to change is the fuel filter. Around this type, it may start to clog, which can cause your engine to run rough.  

Before 60,000 miles 

This milestone will have quite a few items to have checked. Around this time, you will have driven your vehicle around four or five years. During this time frame, batteries typically wear out so you will need to get this replaced soon. Your brakes will need to be looked at as well. This includes the brake fluid, pads and rotors. Most of the fluids in your vehicle should be flushed and replaced at this time too. This includes the coolant and transmission fluid. 

Before 90,000 miles 

At this point in your vehicle’s life, there are components that need to be replaced that you don’t often think about. These components include hoses, power steering fluid, spark plugs and your timing belt.  

In between the milestones 

Always make sure you stay up to date with your oil changes. This is a service that needs to be done between 5,000 and 10,000 miles as a rule of thumb. Each vehicle is different depending on which type of oil is used and the age of the vehicle. 

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Get your Nissan vehicle serviced at Glendale Nissan 

Our service center can help you with all of these preventive maintenance services to ensure the health of your Nissan vehicleSchedule an appointment today. 

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