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Transmission Fluid Replacement in Glendale Heights, IL

If the various parts and components of your car, truck or SUV were a rock band, the engine would be the lead singer and the transmission would be the songwriter. Just because we don’t often think about our transmissions, does it mean that they don’t occasionally need attention. If you want to avoid expensive transmission repairs (or replacement), you will want to learn all you can about transmission fluid replacement in Glendale Heights, IL. You don’t need to be an automotive expert to understand just how complex and crucial a transmission is. However, all the service experts working at the Glendale Nissan Service Department don’t want to leave anything to chance and put this guide together to help people understand a few things they need to know.

If you think your vehicle needs to be looked at by Glendale Nissan service experts, make an appointment today by calling 630-469-6100.

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How do I know if I need my transmission fluid replaced?

Conscientious vehicle owners know to check the engine oil level regularly to stay ahead of any problems. However, it’s easy to forget that you can also easily check the health of the vehicle’s transmission fluid. A vehicle that is well-maintained and doesn’t do heavy-duty towing, may not ever needs a transmission fluid flush. However, older vehicles may burn through transmission fluid or the system could develop a leak. Any leaks need to be addressed immediately. Also, healthy transmission fluid will be bright in color and fluid that needs to be flushed will be dark.

When should I flush my transmission fluid?

Every vehicle will have its own maintenance plan laid out by each individual automaker. However, the consensus is that vehicles with a manual transmission should be examined for a potential transmission flush every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. The recommendations for automatic transmissions start at 30,000 miles but, it’s entirely possible that these vehicles will never need a fluid flush.

Do you own a vehicle that isn’t wearing a Nissan badge? Our team is more than qualified to work on just about anything you can bring into us. Like our Nissan vehicle work, our team will always use factory-approved parts for all repairs and maintenance we perform.

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