Muffler and Exhaust Repair in Glendale Heights, IL

For the seamless operation of your vehicle’s exhaust, the muffler plays an essential role. This intricate system is composed of an exhaust valve chamber leading to exhaust headers, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, and finally, the muffler and the tailpipe.

One of the most critical functions of the exhaust is to ensure that exhaust gases are directed away from the engine and passenger cabin. The muffler reduces the noise due to the exhaust being led out to the vehicle’s tailpipe. Thus, if both these instruments aren’t working at the optimal level, it could be potentially dangerous.


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Does Your Vehicle’s Muffler or Exhaust Need to be Repaired?

To understand if the car’s muffler or exhaust needs to be replaced, you could check if there’s a lot of noise. If your vehicle is louder than usual when you push the accelerator or is rattling when the engine is idle, there could be an issue with the muffler or some other exhaust system component. If there is a lot of exhaust smoke being emitted from your car’s tailpipe or you can smell fumes while driving, chances are that carbon monoxide may be escaping through holes in your vehicle’s muffler or exhaust pipe. Inhalation of carbon monoxide can be hazardous and even fatal. Thus, in this case, it’s best to get your vehicle’s muffler or exhaust checked. Additionally, if your vehicle isn’t exhibiting the regular gas mileage, it could be an exhaust issue.

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