Wheel Alignment Glendale Heights IL

Wheel Alignment Glendale Heights IL

Have you recently felt as though your vehicle is drifting or trying to pull one way over the other? If you were to let go of the wheel while driving on a straight road, would you find that your vehicle veers left or right? These are a few tell tale signs that your wheels need to be aligned and that your tires could probably use balancing out.

Just how important is a wheel alignment and how often does one even need to be performed? These are questions we plan to answer as we explain more about the importance of a wheel alignment in Glendale Heights IL. This really is apart of routine maintenance on a vehicle, just like taking it in for a tire rotation or oil change.

Why is a wheel alignment important?

If you do not have your wheels aligned, this can significantly wear down your tires and result in needing them replaced sooner than typically necessary. While driving, the steering and suspension take a pounding on roadways overtime and naturally will become unaligned.

When everything is properly adjusted, then the wear and tear is more evenly dispersed across the four tires. (This is also where the importance of a tire rotation comes into play.)


Why balance your tires?

In order to make sure that the ride your vehicle is delivering is as smooth as possible. Making certain that the tires are well-balanced will be key. Manufacturers use advanced technology to make sure everything is correctly in line, but when you get a new tire or set, they will need to be balanced. As a tire is driven, the rubber will wear differently in certain spots, causing an imbalance.

When a tire is imbalanced, you’ll more than likely be able to feel it. While steering your vehicle, it may feel as if the vehicle is trying to rock back and forth. A balanced tire should be properly inflated and correctly mounted to the rim of the vehicle.


How often do I need my wheels aligned?

When you come in for an oil change or to have your tires rotated, it’s not a bad idea to have the wheel alignment checked and adjusted too. There’s nothing you can do about the roadways, and overtime, they will take a pounding on your vehicle.

When you have a fresh set of tires put on your vehicle, this is an especially important time to have them checked to make sure that everything is in its proper place and will wear evenly.


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