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Oil Change Glendale Heights IL

Just how important is an oil change? Is it just a scam by dealerships to get you to come in more often and spend money, or is it actually as important as they say it is? If you aren’t entirely convinced that it’s necessary, you will be if you avoid getting a routine oil change time and time again which which eventually will result in having to make the hefty purchase of a brand new engine. The Glendale Nissan service department frequently performs oil changes in Glendale Heights, IL and welcomes vehicles of all makes and models.

Because a vehicle’s engine is composed of many different moving parts and pieces, if they are not well lubricated, the metal on metal grinding together can wear down and break apart the mechanics of the engine. This friction can quickly lead to more serious trouble down the road. As the oil breaks down over time due to the extreme temperatures under the engine, the oil won’t be able to keep everything well lubricated, while gunk and road debris can build up and clog up your engine, reducing efficiency and damaging the engine.

How often do I need an oil change?

Everyone’s recommendation will slightly differ; therefore, for the most exact and accurate time frame, we would recommend referring to your owner’s manual. As a ballpark figure though, most service departments suggest an oil change every 5,000 miles or so. Take good care of your engine by getting the oil changed! It’s fast, simple, and can help prolong the lifespan of your vehicle while avoiding costly repairs!


Signs that I need an oil change

There are a few signs to watch out for when the time for an oil changes begins to arise. The absolute best test is to check your dipstick; if the oils is black and gritty, it’s time! Another indicator is if your engine sounds like it's running louder than usual and you’re visiting the gas pump more often to gas up. More serious signs will include your cabin starting to smell like oil or the check engine light has come on.


Reasons for more frequent oil changes?

While an approximated 5,000 miles may be the rule of thumb, there are some drivers who may need to have their vehicle’s oil changed more frequently. Extreme weather, hot or cold, can force your engine to work harder as does heavy acceleration or high-speed driving. Another variable is heavy lifting or towing on a frequent basis as well as traveling on dirt roads. Keep these things in mind and keep your engine healthy!


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