Nissan Cabin Air Filter Replacement Glendale Heights IL

Nissan Cabin Air Filter Replacement Glendale Heights IL

It seems like cabin air filters fall into the category of things motorists like to have fresh and clean, but not necessarily a part that they immediately consider when it comes to maintenance. Did you know that your Nissan air filter not only helps to keep your interior smelling nice and clean, but helps improve your health? If you’re looking for basic services like cabin air filter replacement, stop by Glendale Nissan of Glendale Heights IL.

What does your Nissan cabin air filter do? Basically, when you’re driving along at full speed, your vehicle is pulling in quite a lot of air. Not all of it is fresh. When you’re driving by a factory or farm, you might particularly notice this. Your air filter helps mitigate things by filtering out nasty particles so you don’t have to breathe them in. Like all filters, it gets filthy over time, so you want to replace it periodically and start fresh.

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How often should you replace a Nissan air filter?

You know your oil filter is being switched out to a fresh one every time you get an oil change, but how frequently does your in-cabin microfilter need to be replaced? Naturally, this might vary depending on your model and where you are driving, but the scheduled interval typically falls around 15,000 miles. This isn’t to be confused with your engine filter, which gets replaced every 30,000 miles on most modern models.

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Your vehicle was an expensive investment, so it only makes sense to take care of it so that investment doesn’t go to waste. The best way to ensure your model lasts is to take it to expert technicians who are well- versed in what your vehicle needs. Each model is different and has its own requirements for scheduled maintenance, which is listed in your owner’s manual. It can be confusing to keep track of all your model’s needs when you have so much else going on in your life. Let us do it for you. Our job is to take care of vehicle’s just like yours, day in and day out.

We know when you need to change your cabin air filter, oil filter, engine filter, rotate your tires, get an alignment – we could go on and on. Rather than fretting about it yourself, stop by Glendale Nissan and you’ll be in good hands.

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