How long can my Nissan vehicle sit without use?

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Negative effects on vehicles if they sit for long periods of time 

If you are not using your vehicle as much as you used to, there may be some unforeseen negative effects on your vehicle. We want to make sure your Nissan vehicle keeps running smoothly as long as possible. In order to achieve this, we have written information on what can happen if your vehicle sits too long and how you can prevent these negative effects. Keep reading to learn more.  

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What happens when your vehicle sits for a while? 

A number of issues can arise in your vehicle if it is not used regularly. Some of these issues include rust build up, a drained battery, fluids deteriorating and brittle gaskets. These issues could lead to bigger problems down the road if you continue to leave your vehicle unused for an extended amount of time.  

How to stop this from happening 

The best way to prevent any damage to your vehicle is to take it out for a drive every two weeks for at least ten minutes. This way you are excising it by warming up the engine and having all the necessary fluids running their course. Keep your fuel tank as full as possible as well to ensure no moisture gets locked in there. If your tires seem a little deflated, fill them up so you don’t get any flat spots. 

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Schedule your next maintenance at Glendale Nissan 

If your vehicle doesn’t seem to be working correctly or you just need a routine tune up, schedule an appointment at Glendale Nissan. All our mechanics are Nissan certified and know their way around your Nissan vehicle.  

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