What are some ways you can make your Nissan last longer?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Monday, May 15th, 2017 at 6:25 pm
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How to make your Nissan last 200,000 miles

When you first buy a car, especially if you’re able to purchase one new, you’re naturally excited for the many miles ahead. How many miles you’ll achieve, exactly, is partially up to fate, but it’s also up to you. If you’re wondering how you can make your Nissan last 200,000 or more miles, you’ve stopped at the right place.

What you can do to get the most mileage from your car

The life expectancy of vehicles has dramatically increased over the last 50 years. We used to feel lucky if a car could last to 100,000 miles, and you could expect to need a replacement every seven years or so. These days, the average car on the road is 11 years old, and that’s because it isn’t difficult to keep them running thanks to advancements in automotive engineering. What should you look into?

Picking the perfect carHigh Mileage Odometer

Very likely, you already have a car and just want to learn what you can do to make it last, but if you’re currently on the lookout for one, you should head into the purchase with the mindset that this is the model you’ll be driving for the next 10 years. Don’t make a rushed decision because it’s a big purchase. Pick the right color, the trim levels with all the features you don’t want to live without and add on those driver assistance features. Wear and tear is just one reason your vehicle might not make it to 200,000 miles, but accidents can easily end your journey with a model.

Not everyone can afford to buy new, so when you select a used car, look for one with low miles, check the CarFax history and get it inspected for any existing problems. Even small ones should be repaired immediately so that you can feel confident they won’t cause undue wear on other systems.

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Follow your Nissan maintenance schedule

Picking the right car is just the start. It’s like having a solid foundation, but the number one reason a car doesn’t last as long as it should it due to neglect. What can you do to make your vehicle last as long as possible?

  • Follow the maintenance schedule
  • Take your vehicle to a certified dealer
  • Always replace parts with OEM options
  • Visually check for wear, listen for odd sounds and be aware of unusual smells
  • Regularly wash your vehicle to prevent corrosion
  • Drive responsibly, being easy on your brakes and light on your gas pedal

The most important thing to keep in mind is preventative care. You want to follow your maintenance schedule because it will ensure you replace fluids and belts before they can cause wear. Sometimes parts can still fail, so you want to be on the lookout for anything unusual, especially as the miles stack of. When replacements are needed, it’s best not to choose inexpensive parts as they can wear out faster.

Being easy on your vehicle also helps prevent undue wear and tear.

Do you have any tips that have allowed you to drive your Nissan longer than expected? Share your insight with a comment below, and be sure to check back here at the Glendale Nissan Blog for more tips and tricks.

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