Nissan Maintenance Tips: How To Replace Your Nissan Car Battery

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Seasonal maintenance goes a long way in preserving the value and performance of your favorite Nissan model. No matter how well you maintain your vehicle, at some point you will need to replace its battery. It’s never a good time being stuck miles from home without a functional battery and a car that won’t start. 

When you bring your car into Glendale Nissan, we take the time to hook your vehicle up to a multimeter and figure out just how much juice it has left. If your battery needs to be replaced, we can also take the time to determine the exact battery that your vehicle requires. 

Anyone who wants to change their battery themselves can accomplish the task by following a few simple steps. 

DIY Battery Change

Before you do anything, make sure your vehicle’s engine is off and pop the hood. This will keep you safe. The rest can be accomplished by following these steps.

  1. Identify the positive and negative posts and the respective cables attached to each one
  2. Loosen the clamp that keeps your battery in place using an appropriate wrench
  3. Loosen the negative cable clamp with a “-” and carefully remove the negative cable clamp from the terminal. Then do the same for the positive battery terminal/clamp
  4. Get a secure grip and lift the battery out
  5. If necessary, clean the battery tray and remove any corrosive materials
  6. Clean the clamps 
  7. Place the new battery in the vacant space and ensure that the positive and negative sides match with the clamps
  8. Tighten and secure the holding clamp over the battery
  9. Remove the plastic caps from the new battery post
  10. Reconnect your positive terminal first
  11. Reconnect the negative terminal 
  12. Make sure everything was done correctly by trying to start your Nissan

The best part is, changing your own battery won’t take you too long — it typically results in about 20 minutes of work. 

Visit Our Glendale Nissan Service Center

Our team at Glendale Nissan is always available to provide routine maintenance, repairs, and upgrades for your vehicle. From battery replacements to suspension repairs, we can get your ride ready for the road ahead. 

Visit us today or schedule an appointment for new batteries and other seasonal Nissan maintenance needs. 

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