Why is your Nissan shaking when driving on the highway?

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Top 4 reasons your Nissan might be shaking

Top 4 reasons your Nissan might be shaking

There are certain things you expect from a car, and there are certain things you do not. When you’re driving along the highway, nothing can quite get your blood pumping like when your vehicle starts to shudder. If this sounds like your car, here are the top 4 reasons your Nissan might be shaking. Hint: it’s not a good sign.

Problem parts that can cause a car to shake

If you’re feeling a shudder when you’re driving, it’s important to note where the issue seems to resonate from, as you can see that it’s usually a particular problem.

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  1. Engine ShudderBroken Down Car Calling AAA

    Easily one of the more terrifying things to happen at highway speeds is an engine shutter. You don’t know what’s going on under the hood, but you suspect you could be left stranded. You very well might be right. Engine problems typically mean it isn’t getting enough fuel, air or it isn’t properly charging. If the issue is at startup, you might check your spark plugs, air filters or suspect the starter is going. If your vehicle doesn’t seem to have enough juice, your battery or alternator may be on the fritz.

  2. Wheel Axle

    When you take a dive over a curb, it may not feel like a big deal, but you could bend your front axle. At low speeds, you won’t feel much, but the faster you go, the more you will notice any vibrations.

  3. Brakes

    It should go without saying, but if you’re feeling a nasty lurch when you try to slow down, it’s likely that your brake rotors or calipers are a likely culprit. Hear a screeching noise? That means your brake pads are dangerously thin.

  4. Wheel Alignment

    If your vehicle is pulling to one side or the other, you can once again guess what the problem is. Tires that are wobbling will obviously cause a bit of shaking in your seat, and uneven tread can have a similar result.

Not convinced any of these issues are causing that shaking sensation when you’re behind the wheel? The best way to diagnose your vehicle is to bring it to our service center for an inspection. Until then, be sure to check back here at the Glendale Nissan Blog for other service tips.

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