Remote engine start lets you heat up your vehicle before you brave the weather

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A 2017 Nissan Altima key fob with text that reads Nissan Remote Engine Start

How do you use remote engine start in Nissan models?

Of all the things we need in our vehicles, remote engine start probably doesn’t seem like one of them. Until it’s -1 outside and you have to brave the cold to go to work. We’ve all been there, and luckily remote start is becoming easier to find. If you have the feature but didn’t bother using it all summer, here’s how to use your remote engine start system in Nissan models equipped with the feature.

Using your key fob to start your Nissan

Select models, like the 2017 Nissan Altima, offer remote engine start on higher trims. You can tell you have the feature if you see a circular arrow button on your key fob. How do you start the engine? Simply press the lock button (even if your doors are already locked), the press and hold the circular arrow button for at least two seconds.

You’ll know your engine started if you see the parking brakes turn on. Once started, your engine will run for 10 minutes. If you let that time run out without putting the key in the ignition or pressing the push-button start, you can use the remote starter once more for an additional 10-minute period. After that, you’ll have to manually start your engine.

There are some obvious benefits to remote engine start, such as the fact that your heater will kick on and warm your vehicle before you head out. Likewise, your engine will begin cycling and warming up. Though we often associate remote start with winter driving, you can also use it in the summer to quickly kick up the A/C.

In select models with the NissanConnect service, you can also use your smartphone or Amazon Alexa to remote start your vehicle.

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