What is the electric plan for Nissan?

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2022 Nissan ARIYA grille with logo

Will Nissan release more electric vehicles in the future?

Nissan is a forward-thinking company, and it is becoming clear that the way forward in transportation is with electricity. What is the electric plan for Nissan and will Nissan release more electric vehicles in the future? We have found some answers. You can also check out our current inventory in Glendale Heights, IL at Glendale Nissan by clicking the link below.

What electric models does Nissan have or have announced?

Of course, Nissan has the LEAF which has been a staple of the Nissan lineup for over a decade now. Soon the LEAF will be joined by the all-electric ARIYA SUV sometime in 2022. That’s not all though as the “ARIYA will be followed by even more all-electric models to give customers choices and help them find the vehicle to meet their unique day-to-day needs.”

2022 Nissan ARIYA copper side view

Does Nissan have a timeline for electrification?

The plan for Nissan electrification began with the launch of the all-electric LEAF back in 2010. Now over 10 years later, major strides have been made with improvements to the LEAF platform, more electric vehicles being announced, and big plans for the future.

The end goal for the Nissan carbon neutrality plan is to be carbon neutral by 2050. That’s carbon neutral not just for the company’s operations but also for the lifecycle of its vehicles. What’s more, the company hopes to have every one of its vehicles electrified in key markets by the early 2030’s, and it has a target of 40% of its new U.S. vehicles to be fully electric by 2030.

What is Nissan doing to improve sustainability?

Why are electric vehicles necessary for carbon neutrality?

It’s easy to get into the weeds on this topic, but to put it bluntly, carbon neutrality means cutting out or at least offsetting all carbon emissions. Carbon is emitted freely from a gasoline-powered car but, outside of production, nothing is emitted from an electric car directly.

The argument can come about that an electric car still gets its energy from a dirty grid (coal or natural gas power), and though that can be true, both our power generation and our transportation sectors have to make the change to cleaner operation for a sustainable future.

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