4 Innovative Nissan Technologies That Make Driving Fun and Exciting!

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology on Thursday, June 29th, 2023 at 2:58 am
ProPILOT Assist on the display

Which Are the Cutting-Edge Nissan Technologies? 

With a commitment to pushing boundaries, Nissan delivers sophisticated technologies that redefine the driving experience. From advanced safety features to electric powertrains, this dependable brand continues to lead the way in automotive innovation, shaping the future of mobility.  

So, which are the cutting-edge Nissan technologies? We give you the lowdown in this blog. Meanwhile, if you want an in-person demo of these excellent features offered by Nissan, head to Glendale Nissan in Glendale Heights, IL.  

What Are the Best Nissan Technologies? 

Here are the four standout technologies rolled out by Nissan: 

  • Xtronic Transmission, a “step-less” gear transmission, maintains optimum efficiency in engine rpm depending on the vehicle speed, which in turn, improves fuel economy. This system understands the driver’s tendency to estimate the optimal engine rpm. It then selects the suitable transmission gear ratio, ensuring an intuitive driving experience.  
  • The Around View® Monitor (AVM) with Moving Object Detection (MOD) system uses four wide-angle cameras to create a 360° view, aiding in maneuvering and parking in tight spaces.  
  • ProPILOT Assist simplifies stop-and-go driving by managing acceleration, braking, and steering on single-lane highways. It combines Steering Assist and Intelligent Cruise Control, making it useful for navigating bumper-to-bumper traffic or cruising on highways.  
  • Zero Gravity Seats in Nissan vehicles enhance driver and passenger comfort, providing a pleasant experience on long drives. By incorporating the NASA-measured “neutral posture,” fatigue is reduced, ensuring sustained comfort during extended periods of sitting. 

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You can experience the epitome of automotive innovation and reliability with the latest Nissan vehicles. With advanced Nissan technologies, including Xtronic transmission, Around View® Monitor, and ProPILOT Assist, you’ll enjoy a seamless and intuitive driving experience. Visit Glendale Nissan in Glendale Heights, IL, and discover the Nissan for you. 

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