How to Change a Flat Tire in my Nissan?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Monday, April 11th, 2022 at 10:45 am
View of a flat tire being fixed

What to do if you experience a Flat Tire?  

A flat tire can occur without any warning and can leave you stranded on the road waiting for help. If you know how to change a flat tire, you can fix the tire by yourself and continue with your journey. Join us at Glendale Nissan in Glendale Heights, IL, to learn what to do if you experience a flat tire. Continue reading for more information.  

Steps to be followed to change a flat tire 

Step 1: Find a spot to pull over. Ensure that you park on a flat surface so that your vehicle remains stationary throughout the tire-changing process.  

Step 2: Leave your car in gear and ensure that your parking brakes are engaged, and the hazard lights are turned on.  

Step 3: In your trunk, under the trunk lining, you will find the jack, wrench, and spare tire. Also, always keep your owner’s manual handy.  

Step 4: Use the wrench to loosen the lug nuts and remove the hubcap. Don’t remove the lug nuts; simply loosen them.  

Step 5: Now, use the jack to lift the vehicle off the ground. Consult the owner’s manual to identify the correct jack-up points.  

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Image of a wrench being used to remove the lug nuts
Image of a jack being used to raise a vehicle

Step 6: Once the tire rises six inches above the ground, remove the lug nuts and pull the tire off the car.  

Step 7: Place the spare tire and line up the lug nuts.  

Step 8: Put on the lug nuts to stay on but don’t tighten them.  

Step 9: Lower the car back to the ground and remove the jack.  

Step 10: Tighten the lug nuts and replace the tools and the flat tire back in its designated place.  

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Check out the Nissan Tire Service at Glendale Nissan in Glendale Heights, IL, and schedule a service at the dealership. Feel free to reach out to the dealership for assistance.  

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