What is a fuel induction service?

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Fuel induction service information

If you don’t work directly in the auto industry, there are a few services you may have not heard of until it is too late. To help narrow the gap in knowledge, we will be focusing on a fuel induction service and why you may need it. Keep reading to learn more.

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Why do I need a fuel induction service?

As cars begin to age, they start to have fuel deposits build up and affect the engine performance. Some signs of this happening include lower fuel performance, sluggish speed up or your vehicle running differently in general.

What does the fuel induction service do?

This maintenance service is a procedure done on your engine. What the mechanic working on your vehicle will do is clean the air intake valves, fuel injectors and throttle body. If you haven’t heard of the throttle body before, it directly links to your acceleration pedal, which is why your vehicle may be sluggish when the fuel deposits build up.

Should I get a fuel induction service?

After a while, the fuel deposits could lead to damage to your engine. Engine repair will be a lot more costly compared to a preventative maintenance service like having the fuel induction cleaned out. Some ways you can tell for sure if this service needs to be done are by the check engine light coming on or the smell of fuel odors.

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Get your vehicle serviced at Glendale Nissan

If you need a fuel induction service or some other maintenance service, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Glendale Nissan. If you are unsure what you need, our service technicians can do a quick look for you and figure out exactly what you need to be done before heading back out on the road

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