What can I expect out of the 2020 Nissan TITAN performance?

By Product Expert | Posted in Nissan Titan on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 at 3:28 pm
2020 Nissan TITAN

2020 Nissan TITAN performance specs 

While there has not been too much information given about the 2020 Nissan TITAN, we do know quite a bit about its performance. We want to get right into the information, so keep reading to learn more about the 2020 Nissan TITAN performance specs.  

dashboard of the 2020 Nissan TITAN

2020 Nissan TITAN engine performance 

The 2020 Nissan TITAN comes with the TITAN Endurance V8 engine. This engine has the power to output 413 pound-feet of torque and 400 horsepower. For better acceleration, while towing, the 2020 Nissan TITAN has optimized gear ratios. Standard in the 2020 Nissan TITAN is the 9-speed automatic transmission, built to smooth the gear transitions and improved fuel efficiency. 

Other updates to the 2020 Nissan TITAN 

Besides the new standard transmission and power, there are other features now standard on the 2020 Nissan TITAN. Some of these features include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, along with the Nissan Safety Shield 360. Both the exterior and interior also has some updated styling to give a more bold look to the 2020 Nissan TITAN. 

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Schedule a test drive in the Nissan TITAN today 

Check out our Nissan TITAN inventory. We have a variety of trim levels and colors to choose between. If you need more information about the 2020 Nissan TITAN or any other vehicle on our lot, please reach out to us. We would love to help you. While the 2020 Nissan TITAN hasn’t been released yet, we expect it to be on our lot in early 2020. If you would like us to update you once it is available, let us know. 

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