What are the Nissan Concept Vehicles of the Future?

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Learn About the New Concept Vehicles Nissan Has for the Future 

The automotive industry has been undergoing a transformation in recent years as electric and autonomous vehicles become increasingly popular. Nissan is one of the companies leading the way in this revolution, with a range of concept vehicles that offer a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry. 

Nissan’s concept vehicles are not just futuristic designs but rather an exploration of the company’s vision for the future of mobility. These vehicles showcase the latest technologies, materials, and design concepts that will shape the future. Read this blog post by Glendale Nissan in Glendale Heights, IL, to learn more about Nissan’s futuristic concept vehicles. 

Nissan Concept Vehicles of the Future 

Currently, four concept models are brewing in the think tank of Nissan. These are the Nissan Max-Out, the Nissan Hang-Out, the Nissan Surf-Out, and the next-gen crossover EV, the Nissan Chill-Out. 

Nissan Max Out parked in a showroom front view image

The Nissan Max-Out is a convertible concept that aims to deliver a futuristic driving experience with excellent performance, stability, and comfort. It seeks to offer advanced vehicle features such as balanced dynamic cornering and steering response with little body roll.

This helps optimize driver and passenger comfort, enhancing your connection with the car. 

Now, the Nissan Hang-Out concept offers an innovative way of spending time while on the road. It is designed to suppress vibrations and jolts, thereby reducing interference and motion sickness while working on the go.

Its spacious and quiet interior cabin delivers the comfort of your living room in a mobile space.

Nissan Hang Out parked near a lake
Nissan Surf Out on a sandy terrain

Nissan has an off-road concept vehicle too. The Nissan Surf-Out concept is ready to tackle just about any terrain. It aims to provide a smooth ride regardless of the landscape.

This enables customers to go anywhere with confidence. The vehicle’s high stance and high performance help you go wherever you want. 

Nissan always believes in innovation. The Nissan Chill-Out is a next-gen crossover EV and a mobile haven. It features a sleek body, modern design, advanced safety technology, and comfortable interior space.

The crossover concept utilizes the CMF-EV platform. This delivers high comfort levels and an enhanced driving experience.

Nissan Chill Out front view image

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