How can I avoid car sickness?

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Car sickness prevention tips 

Motion sickness is a very common occurrence for those who are sensitive to repeated motion. This happens due to a disturbance of the inner ear. To help prevent motion sickness in a car, we have found some tips. Keep reading to learn more.  

kid with car sickness

Watch what you consume beforehand 

Excessive alcohol and foods that make you feel unusually full or spicy foods can worsen motion sickness. Along those lines, avoid strong food odors. If you are in the vehicle for a long time, pack bland foods like crackers and a small drink. 

Mind how you sit 

How you sit can affect motion sickness. Choose the seat that you will experience the least motion, this is often the front passenger seat in vehicles. Always face the direction of your travel. 

Focus on different things 

If you are starting to feel a bit of motion sickness, try to focus on a specific object in front of you that is outside the window. You may want to start talking about different things or listening to music to help distract. One thing to avoid is having someone else talk about motion sickness as this often makes the feeling worse. 

Have plenty of airflow 

Air ventilation from the fans or the windows being open can help give some fresh air to help stop the motion sickness. 

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