Manufacturing insight: How Nissan tests door quality control

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQs on Friday, November 17th, 2017 at 7:24 pm
Nissan NTCNA Robot Door Tester with Nissan Pathfinder

How bad is it to slam your Nissan car doors?

Most of us, usually in childhood, have been scolded for slamming the door too hard. Your car door might feel sturdy, but everything wears down faster if you are rough on it. That’s just sound logic, and we’ve certainly all seen cars where the door seems like it could fall off the hinges. Have you ever wondered how Nissan tests quality control on doors to ensure they last through years of abuse? Here’s what the manufacturing process looks like, and some insight into how bad it really is for your car doors when you slam them too often.

Rosie, the door-durability robot

If there’s one job we don’t want to do, it’s Rosie’s. OK, there are probably worse jobs. But all this robot does is open and close doors all day. At a rate of about once every six seconds. This is to ensure that the durability of the door hinges matches up with the expected lifespan of a door. In 10 years, a car door is expected to be opened and shut about 45,000 times. In an effort to ensure that a door is really closed, we often shut it just a bit harder than we need to. Especially when we’re younger. Or parked at an angle. Either way, it’s though on the hinges.

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As you can see, Rosie the robot shuts the door 14,000 times a day, achieving 10 years of door slams in just three days. So if you’re wondering how much damage slamming your door really does? It’s probably not going to hurt it if done infrequently. You can hear in the video that the test is meant to have a “thunk,” like you’d normally hear. With 45,000 closures, there’s clearly a bit of wiggle room in the equation.

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