Photo Gallery of the new Colors the 2018.5 Rogue Sport Comes in

By Product Expert | Posted in Model Information, Nissan Rogue Sport on Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 at 1:11 pm
Side view of a red 2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport parked on side of the road

Color Options for the 2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport 

Sometimes people can get too eager for a new model year. With 2019 models looming in the distance, Nissan is making the wait a little easier with new 2018.5 vehicles. In fact, the new 2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport is one of the models leading the charge, offering a great mid-year update of the SUV with new features and technology. While you can learn all about the new model on our blog, start by checking out the available color options for the 2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport below.  

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The 2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport is available in the following colors: 

  • Caspian Blue 
  • Palatial Ruby 
  • Glacier White 
  • Brilliant Silver 
  • Gun Metallic 
  • Magnetic Black 
Caspian Blue2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport in Caspian Blue
Palatial Ruby2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport in Palatial Ruby
Glacier White2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport in Glacier White
Brilliant Silver2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport in Brilliant Silver
Gun Metallic2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport in Gun Metallic
Magnetic Black2018.5 Nissan Rogue Sport in Magnetic Black

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