2019 Nissan Maxima vs 2019 Acura TLX

Black 2019 Nissan Maxima and white 2019 Acura TLX side by side

While sedans are sometimes a dime a dozen in 2019, there are quite a few models that truly stand on their own. Whether that’s because of incredible performance or luxury features, these are some of the most exciting vehicles on the road today. For someone looking for a new and exhilarating vehicle, we wanted to take a look at the differences between the 2019 Nissan Maxima vs the 2019 Acura TLX.

What helps truly set the Nissan Maxima apart from other similar models is its incredible power. While the Maxima offers more standard horsepower than the Acura TLX, the standard Nissan also offers more power than the most powerful TLX trim. This is thanks to the 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 engine found in each Maxima trim. This impressive engine is able to generate a whopping 300 horsepower and 261 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Nissan Maxima


2019 Acura TLX

300 Standard Horsepower 206
300 Max Horsepower 290
261 lb-ft Standard Torque 182 lb-ft
99 cu.ft Cargo Space 93 cu.ft

Drive Mode Selector in the 2019 Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima is more than just its incredible power. While extremely fun and exciting to drive, Nissan is able to allow drivers to completely customize the Maxima to their driving style with the Drive Mode Selector. This makes it easy for drivers to be able to flip between Normal and Sport models, allowing for a standard or more exhilarating drive. Drivers can even hear the differences between the two, as the Drive Mode Selector system pumps a more powerful engine note throughout the cabin with the additional Active Sound System.

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