2017 Nissan Leaf Glendale Heights IL

2017 Nissan Leaf Glendale Heights Il

What’s holding you back from switching to an all electric vehicle? Is it because they aren’t quite that popular yet? Because the Nissan Leaf continues to be the best selling. Is it price? Because the Nissan Leaf is not only affordable but will save you thousands in the long run because it doesn’t require a single drop of gasoline.

Or perhaps it is the mile range, but the Nissan Leaf has increased the distance it’s able to travel on a single charge. Of course there are drawbacks to any vehicle, but the important thing is that the vehicle is continuously improving, and the 2017 Nissan Leaf in Glendale Heights, IL is at the top of its game compared to years past.

30 kWh Lithium-ion Battery

The majority of car-shoppers are used to hearing about four-cylinder engines or a V6, not a lithium-ion battery. The battery of the Nissan Leaf is paired with an 8-kW AC synchronous electric motor and is good for a 107-mile range.


Where Can You Charge?

With a normal vehicle, you’re used to usually hunting down the lowest gas prices and visiting that pump on a weekly basis or so, right? With an electric vehicle like the Leaf, you’re able to plug-in and charge at home, work, or any other free charging stations that are multiplying throughout the U.S.


NissanConnect EV Information System

Keep connected with your vehicle. The NissanConnect EV information system is able to locate nearby public charging stations and even start a charging session remotely. You’ll also be able to activate pre-climate settings so that your Leaf is the right temperature before even getting in the vehicle.

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2017 Nissan Leaf: Never Pump Gas Again!

What’s one of the absolute worst things about having to pump gas, besides watching the money climb more quickly of the gallons going into your car? Having to pump gas when it’s cold out or raining. With the Nissan Leaf, which is 100% electric, you’ll be free from ever having to pump gas.

As a totally electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf has zero tailpipe emissions, not a single fume that could be harmful to the environment. And now with a more powerful battery, the Nissan Leaf is able to be even more efficient while traveling further than previously able to.

Efficiency isn’t just in the battery though, but in the design of the Leaf as well. The 2017 Nissan Leaf is structured to be more aerodynamic and slip through the wind, while its regenerative brakes are able to hold on to energy rather than letting it go to waste.

One of the biggest concerns of people who have not yet switched to an electric vehicle is when they will be able to charge up. On an average basis, most people do not travel 100 miles in a single day, but depending on your lifestyle and commute, that could be the case. Nevertheless, the Nissan Leaf is easy enough to charge up at home or on the go. Plug in your Nissan Leaf overnight in your home charging dock or use one of the on-the-go stations throughout the country while you’re at work, shopping, or out to eat.

If you’re interested in a Nissan Leaf, and would like to learn more about the features and technology each of the three trim levels can be equipped with or more about what daily life is like driving one, we would like to welcome you here to Glendale Nissan for a test drive!

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