2016 Sentra FE+ S Glendale Heights IL

2016 Sentra FE+ S Glendale Heights IL 

Compared to most other automakers, Nissan has one of the larger vehicle lineups; and of that family of cars, trucks, SUVs. and crossovers, the Nissan Sentra is the third-best seller. As a compact sedan, the Nissan Sentra meets the demands of drivers to be a safe, comfortable, practical, and affordable car. Expectations are high, and each Nissan Sentra trim exceeds these objectives.

The 3016 Nissan Sentra is offered in five trims: S, FE+ S, SV, SR, and SL. Second in line, the FE+S builds upon the base model while still keeping the price way down. It includes all of the equipment that is standard on the S grade but adds the following key, drive-enhancing, features: standard Xtronic CVT transmission, rear spoiler, underbody aerodynamics, and low rolling resistance tires.


A highly efficient commuter car and daily driver, the Nissan Sentra is able to earn 27 city/ 36 hwy mpg when paired with a 6-speed manual in its most basic form; but when mated to the Xtronic CVT that’s standard on the FE+ S, it improves to 30 city/ 40 hwy mpg.



Because safety should be the most important priority of any vehicle, we are proud to share that the 2016 Nissan Sentra is an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ vehicle. Standard safety isn’t taken lightly, and advanced safety systems are available to further equip the Sentra.



Despire being classified as “compact,” there is nothing compact about the amount of space the Nissan Sentra is able to provide. Front and backseat passengers will have more than enough legroom while rear seats split and fold 60/40 to create flexible cargo space.

seating and space in nissan sentra
front view of 2016 nissan sentra
rear view of 2016 nissan sentra
interior setup and design of nissan sentra

2016 Nissan Sentra FE+ S: Style, Comfort, and Convenience

What’s most important to you when searching for a new car? If practicality and value were two things that ranked just below safety, the Nissan Sentra is going to be pleasantly surprising and just might even surpass your own expectations that have been set for your future vehicle.

Compared to past Nissan Sentra models, you might have noticed something different for this year and that is the Sentra has grown and evolved its design to more closely resemble the best-selling Altima and the larger and luxurious Maxima. The Sentra now sports the brand’s signature V motion grille and has had its front and rear re-styled in the process.

Roomy and efficient, the Nissan Sentra FE+ S is an excellent candidate when it comes to long distance driving; spend less time at the pump and get more for your money each time that you do fill up. And while you are driving, keep all of the pertinent information directly insight with the Advanced Drive Assist Display. Nestled in directly behind the steering wheel, you’ll find helpful information like: how many miles are left in your gas tank, the time, temperature, turn-by-turn directions, caller ID, and more.

Located in the center of your dash and complementing the Advanced Driver Assist Display is the color touchscreen system that allows you to take control of a variety of services. Change the radio station but also access all of your favorite internet radio stations. You'll also be able to make calls and send text messages to your contacts as well as keep in touch with your social media accounts through NissanConnect with Mobile Apps

To learn more about the entertainment, like the Bose Premium Audio system, and safety technology of the Nissan Sentra, we would like to welcome you here Glendale Nissan. We look forward to seeing you soon and encourage you to sign up for a test drive today!

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