2016 Nissan Maxima vs 2015 Ford Taurus

The sport-oriented mid-sized sedan segment of the auto industry is incredibly competitive. Recent models not only continue to deliver premium features and high-performance, but these vehicles' fuel economy number are also quite impressive. The Nissan Maxima and Ford Taurus are among the most popular vehicles in their class, mostly due to their many offerings and sleek styling. To help you determine which vehicle may be the best fit for you, we'll compare the 2016 Nissan Maxima vs 2015 Ford Taurus.

The first thing to note is that the 2016 Maxima is a brand new model that has also had a hefty redesign since the previous 2014 model. This means the Maxima has undergone significant changes that have made it more modern and more sophisticated. The 2015 Taurus on the other hand is the most recent model available and may be for the foreseeable future. While the styling looks nice, it is not nearly as sleek or sporty as the Maxima's new design. The 2015 Taurus is a fine vehicle, but if you want a sedan that is more up to date the 2016 Maxima may be a better option for you.

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2016 Nissan Maxima S VS 2015 Ford Taurus SE
3.5-liter V6 Standard Engine 3.5-liter V6
300 hp Standard Horsepower 288 hp
22 city / 30 highway Standard Fuel Economy (MPG) 19 city / 29 highway
3,471 lbs. Curb Weight 4,035 lbs.

The 2016 Nissan Maxima Rises Above the 2015 Ford Taurus

There are a few key areas where we can see the 2016 Nissan Maxima is superior to the 2015 Ford Taurus. To start, the standard engine for each vehicle is a 3.5-liter V6; however, the Maxima's engine can generate more power than the Taurus' engine. Despite this difference, the Maxima engine is still more efficient than the Taurus engine. There are other engine options available for the Ford Taurus, but they will cost extra. When it comes to performance, you're ultimately getting the better value with the Nissan Maxima.

Speaking of value, there are also quite a few features that come standard on even the base S trim of the 2016 Nissan Maxima that are not standard on the base LE trim of the 2016 Ford Taurus. Features like a remote starting system, keyless access system, door curb lights, a navigation system, LED daytime running lights, and other amenities are standard on the Nissan Maxima S. The Ford Taurus SE does not have these features standard and some aren't available at all, except on the higher, more costly trim levels.

Whatever specifications are most important to you, the decision about which sport sedan is the best option will ultimately be your choice. If you need help making the decision, the best way to get an idea of how these vehicles function and what they offer will be to test drive them. If you would like more information about the 2016 Nissan Maxima or you would simply like to schedule a test drive, feel free to contact our staff here at Glendale Nissan.

2016 Nissan Maxima design and styling
2015 Ford Taurus design and styling
2016 Nissan Maxima interior seating styling and features
2015 Ford Taurus interior seating styling and features

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