2016 Nissan Altima Safety Shield Technologies

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nissan advanced safety shield technology

Overview of Nissan Altima Crash Prevention Safety Technology

Although some of our parents and teachers might have claimed to have eyes in the back of their heads, we haven’t seen any proof yet. When driving though, wouldn’t it be nice to have a set of eyes watching from behind you? Or even a co-pilot that could keep lookout of your blind spots and even predict an accident before it could take place?

And even though human reaction time can be quick….sometimes it’s just not quick enough. Fortunately, Nissan has added another layer to its Intelligent Safety Shield to not only protect the driver and passengers in a crash but hopefully entirely avoid it all together.

You may have heard some things about advanced safety technology or crash prevention systems, but we’d like to go a little deeper into what they are and how they work in this overview of the Nissan Altima crash prevention safety technology.

blind spot warning in nissan altima

Nissan Altima Blind Spot Warning

There are times when we are fully aware that someone is driving in our blind spot and it can be horribly frustrating, but even worse, there can be times that someone is there and we aren’t the least bit aware of their existence, even after checking the mirrors.

With Blind Spot Warning, if another vehicle is detected by the Altima, it will illuminate the indicator on the driver or passenger side, alerting you of the other vehicle. If you put on your turn signal and make an attempt to change lanes, the indicators will flash and a warning chime will sound.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

A rearview camera is always nice when backing out of a parking spot or driveway, especially when shoppers, stray carts, children, pets, or anything below your visibility line are present.

The addition of Rear Cross Traffic Alert will detect a vehicle that may be approaching from either side that may not be paying attention to you. It will immediately warn you, giving you time to stop or the confidence to continue backing up if it is safe to proceed.

rear cross traffic safety alert
intelligent cruise control in nissan altima

Intelligent Cruise Control

It’s one of the best ways to avoid a speeding ticket! Cruise control can make for a much more enjoyable driving experience on the highway…except for that one car in front of you that can’t seem to keep a steady speed, causing you to constantly set and reset your cruise.

Unlike standard cruise, the Intelligent Cruise Control system is able to slow down with the traffic in front of you, even coming to a stop if need be, but can also speed back up when traffic returns to the speed that you were at prior.

Forward Emergency Braking

The vehicle ahead of you can be entirely unpredictable, especially if it swerves or slams on the brakes because of something like an animal crossing the road.

To help you expect the unexpected, the Forward Emergency Braking system is able to keep an eye on the speed and proximity of the vehicle ahead of you. It can even alert you and help you slow down your speed, and apply braking in the event of a collision up ahead. Even if it can’t prevent a collision, it can at the very least reduce the severity of the impact.

forward emergency braking in nissan alitma

predictive forward collision warning in nissan altima

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

Of course it’s easy enough to see the vehicle directly in front of you, but the vehicle in front of that car, or the next car, not so much. It’s next to impossible for the human eye to see this far ahead, but the Predictive Forward Collision Warning can in fact help.

This system uses radar sensors at the front of your Nissan to monitor the flow of traffic patterns ahead. It’s able to tell if the car two ahead of you suddenly deaccelerates, giving you plenty of time to begin applying the brake rather than being forced to slam on your brakes last second and hope for the best.

Watch the Nissan Safety Shield Technologies in action here

These safety systems aren’t limited to the Nissan Altima. Because it’s a bestseller, we choose to use it as our star pupil in this demonstration. To learn more about the Nissan Safety Shield Technologies and their availability in other Nissan models in addition to the Altima, we encourage you to get in touch with us here at Glendale Nissan. We would be happy to tell you more or even show you in person how these vehicles are capable of keeping you protected.

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