Winter Warrior Concepts Coming to Chicago Auto Show

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2016 Nissan Winter Warrior Concept Design

All-wheel drive helps Nissan crossovers to grip in the rain, sling a little mud, and go dashing through the snow. But what’s even better than AWD for handling thick snow and slippery conditions? A full snow track system. Just in time for the Chicago Auto Show, Nissan has set free three snow beasts. See the 2016 Nissan Winter Warrior concepts in action down below.

What are the Winter Warrior Concepts

buttonThe Winter Warrior trio is made up of three crossover favorites, the Pathfinder, Murano, and Rogue. Each of these crossover SUVs has proven themselves to be capable in a variety of climates and terrains; that’s why Nissan decided to put them up to the extreme, transforming them into Winter Warriors.

The Pathfinder, Murano, and Rogue received full custom body wraps from the Nissan Design America team. To complete the look and capability, The Winter Warriors also were given full use of Genuine Nissan Accessories that are catered to outdoor enthusiasts including:

  • All-season floor mats
  • Roof rail crossbars
  • Rear bumper protectors
  • Cargo area protectors
  • 9×9-foot hatch tent for anyone daring enough to camp outside in the snow

Even record-breaking snowfalls can’t break the composure of these crossovers. Nissan set out to prove that this trio would be able to survive even the most extreme weather conditions, and with that being said, implemented special, advanced snow tracks. After all, that was probably one of the first things that you noticed, that these vehicles are missing their wheels which have been replaced by a track system.

nissan winter warrior concepts on tracks
nissan winter warrior concept pathfinder
winter warrior heavy duty DOMINATOR tracks

Winter Warrior Concept Design

Each SUV was given a custom heavy-duty DOMINATOR Track from American Track Truck Inc. The wheel wells and suspensions of the vehicles were modified to fit the tracks that are 48 inches long, 30 inches high, and 50 inches wide. This was the only major modification, otherwise the traditional drivetrain components, Xtronic transmission, and engine were all factory fresh and capable enough for the challenge. So aside from the giant tracks replacing the wheels, these would be vehicles that could be driven right off of a dealership, because everything else was kept exactly the same.

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Although we don’t have any models with heavy-duty snow tracks, we do have a variety of Nissan Murano, Rogue, and Pathfinder trim levels. Drivers interested in learning more or scheduling a test drive can do so by clicking here.

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